With OUR LOVE FOR digital storytelling, we've found THAT there is great value in bringing these experiences into physical settings too. For us, keeping it simple and allowing people to connect in a truly human way is key. With that said, we've worked with PLANOLY since their launch, and this year we decided to introduce correlating content and events to bring some of the digital stories we've created to life. Discover more in our 2018 case study:


PLANOLy x THE WING Social branding panel

august 2018

For our second experience, we tapped our connection to The Wing to create an exciting partnership for PLANOLY that brought elements of our popular interview series PLANOLEADERS and our work on StyleLink.it to life in a physical setting. Enter our Social Branding and Influencer Marketing panel, where we worked with PLANOLY on the high-level strategy and event/content production. The details of our work included acting as a liaison between the PLANOLY and The Wing teams, producing the panel talent which included Alyssa Coscarelli of Refinery29 and Olivia Perez of Forbes, and brand leaders Gigi Guerra of Target and Isabel McWhorter-Rosen of The Wing. We also scripted the panel discussion questions and created correlating event content to live on PLANOLY's blog and social channels. The result was an unprecedented attendance from The Wing's member community, increased brand awareness for PLANOLY, and an opportunity for PLANOLY to reinforce/build relationships with their growing community in New York City.




Our first experience focused on PLANOLY's launch of their newest product StyleLink.it (which enables content creators and influencers to monetize their Instagram posts). With a distinct focus on fashion influencers, we worked with PLANOLY at a high-level to conceptualize an aptly-timed launch event (during NYFW at The Sosta) as well as produce the event itself. In addition to this, our role in this event included sourcing event partners (we tapped illustrator Laura Supnik to live-draw during the event) as well as liaising with The Sosta and PLANOLY teams regarding logistics, event details, guest list curation, and scheduling. We also created a detailed recap story to go live on PLANOLY's blog.