CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL - 3 Year Anniversary


One thing that has stayed with me as a founder is the idea that your business is probably never going to look the way you thought it would when first starting out. And as I sit here writing this, I look back on those words with a particular fondness as we celebrate another important milestone.

Seven years ago I launched a blog on Tumblr. Five years ago that blog became a brand that you know as The Style Line. And three years ago today I launched The Style Line's agency arm CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL, and ultimately decided to pivot the direction of the business — and this stemmed from two main reasons. The first being the demand from our brand interviewee community who eventually started coming to us to help service their the content and storytelling needs. And the second came from identifying the opportunity to be an agency that specialized in building editorial and publishing platforms for brands. Ultimately I saw a gap in the market and wanted to establish CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL as a trusted partner that would enable brands to fully own and operate their platforms outside of the social media giants. What this has since evolved into is CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL's continued commitment to use content as a way to facilitate truly authentic connections — both online and off.

Over the years we've grown our capabilities to include other services in addition to content production. This has taken the form of intimate experiences and events, consulting, and more. We've launched content for start-ups from scratch, we've produced panels at celebrated institutions like The Wing, and we've built long-lasting client relationships with some of the most innovative minds across fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and technology. But capabilities and scopes aside, we've always made sure our work (and work ethic) has continued to reflect our core pillars of connection, big-picture thinking, and community-building.

There has been a lot to learn in growing this aspect of The Style Line, and even still, in an age of 30 under 30 lists, filtered experiences, and documenting everything, at times, it can seem as though we are never doing or moving quickly enough. But starting today, I challenge that notion by reflecting on the stories we've shared here on The Style Line of those looking to slow down and implement sustainable ways of working and creating. By talking to our incredible clients who have continued to voice that quality over quantity is top of mind. And perhaps most importantly, by pausing, looking inward, and understanding that although we are in the business of selling, as an agency owner I have a responsibility to infuse a sense of humanity into the work that we do.

It is a humbling and exciting realization to finally embrace what your business is — even if it’s taken longer than expected to get there. And as I look to the future, I want nothing more than CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL to be a leader in the slow content movement and to create work for brands that will have true longevity. In the coming months, we’re going to be exploring themes around this further in our forthcoming podcast Slow Stories, which will be live on iTunes this month. You can also expect to see more stories on The Style Line of creatives, entrepreneurs, and designers who are also working slowly and thoughtfully within their industries too.

And finally, you’ll find me somewhere in the mix. Facilitating these conversations, wearing too many hats, plugging away on stories for hours on end, hiring creative talent (and the list goes on); all while somehow trying to strike a balance between growing this business in the frantic pace of New York City, and slowing down to grab a coffee and catch up — hopefully with you.

But until then, to all of our collaborators, clients, and interviewees I thank you for your continued support of CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL. I hope you’re just as proud as I am of the work that has been created and the connections that have been made over the last few years. Here’s to moving forward but slowing down to give ourselves the time and space to create work that resonates for years to come.

All Aboard!