How Events Can Effectively Tell A Brand's Story

With a knack for digital storytelling we've found there is great value in bringing these experiences into tangible settings.

The introduction of our events have allowed us to bridge the gap between on and offline experiences; by producing correlating editorial content and events that celebrate milestones, provide lifestyle context, and most importantly bring people together. 

In all honesty there's never been a better time to capitalize on the many opportunities that can be had in an offline environment. That doesn't mean you have to go overboard though. For us, keeping it simple and allowing people to connect in a truly human way is key. Here at CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL we pride ourselves on leading the charge when it comes to authentic connection - especially in telling our client's stories. We've found that one of the best ways to do this effectively is to a) initially introduce our brands and their community online (there's nothing more accessible when you're thinking on a global scale) and b) to truly engage with their community, we need to then establish face-time. In fact, let's go back to that bring people together idea for a minute! Here are a few recent events we've put together that have helped to further tell our client's/partner's story, as well as our own...

 Click here to revisit our recap story on  The Style Line  and visit the case study  here

Click here to revisit our recap story on The Style Line and visit the case study here

Face time and space time

In our recent The Style Line x The Sill Earth Day event, we joined forces to come up with a plan that brought people together around our respective brand values and in celebration of Earth Day. More importantly, the idea was to drive awareness and a deeper understanding that people can come together to share in these values at The Sill's physical space. The small but mighty plant design firm/shop is making waves in terms of a growing online presence and has garnered features in esteemed digital outlets - but at the end of the day their motto is all about bringing the outdoors in. This event provided a perfect opportunity to drive people in store and also nail two birds with one stone: by interacting with high profile editors and influencers but also demonstrating how The Sill tends to their product and their community, directly at the source - their amazing store! Currently the shop hosts a series of workshops, and in doing this event together, we believe this was a necessary vehicle to open people up to the idea of seeing the shop as a place of community, while giving our attendees the opportunity to meet the team in real-time. 

 Click here to revisit our recap story on  The Style Line  and visit the case study  here

Click here to revisit our recap story on The Style Line and visit the case study here

Embody the mission:

It's one thing to tell your audience that you believe in a certain set of values, but we're in the business of (story)telling. In April, The Style Line partnered with AELLA and Made Real to celebrate our shared values of celebrating modern women and style, in conjunction with their month-long pop up at Bloomingdales here in NYC. We organized a panel of interviewees from The Style Line who embodied the essence of modern living, and spoke to them about things like entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and what style means in this day and age. Partnering with Made Real further enhanced this (if you don't know, they were founded with a premise of creating a spirit brand inspired by dynamic women). Being able to tie all of these elements into one (literally) digestible evening, allowed for us to not only tell their story but allow our communities to participate in the bigger conversation too. 

 Click here to revisit our recap story on  The Assemblist  and visit the case study  here

Click here to revisit our recap story on The Assemblist and visit the case study here

Grow The Cast of Characters:

Taking the above two points into consideration, our most recent event with Brand Assembly really ties all of this together. In short, Brand Assembly caters to emerging and contemporary designers in a number of ways. So in the first of our upcoming event series together, we tried to touch on all pillars of their incredible brand (fashion, community, and generally being a resource for the next generation of designers/professionals). With details like choosing the right speakers to fleshing out the theme, in preparing for this particular panel we wanted to make sure all aspects of the event really touched on Brand Assembly's values, while still allowing enough room to grow their community-base. We tapped women from our community to tell their story on both The Style Line and The Assemblist, and to come together again to further share their story in a tangible space. This panel is a great example of the influence that events have in not only telling a brand's story, but also in their ability to shape it as well... especially when introducing the right cast of characters who are likeminded but dynamic enough to open you and your brand up to amazing new opportunities, and ways to grow.

Rachel Schwartzmann