6 Tactics To Establish A Long-Term Storytelling Plan

 via The Style Line

via The Style Line

When faced with so much digital noise it can be intimidating to contribute to the content landscape.

Though with this increase in information, there’s an increased in demand in providing content that’s relevant, useful and quality. The model that was once traditionally considered by brands and publishers alike is changing and calling for a refined approach to how we think about what is “good” content and what is fluff. In the midst of trying to stay present in our community’s lives this is a short-list of tactics I’ve amassed over the years in building The Style Line… and let me tell you: this process is never ending...

Have a Foundation of A Plan: 

Like all plans, the details are sure to change due to a number of circumstantial reasons. Allowing for flexibility in your content strategy may be hard to reconcile in the moment, but it will ultimately allow for unseen opportunities to present themselves… if not immediately then at some point down the line. That’s what we’re talking about here right?

Allude to the Past: 

From one-off campaigns to ongoing initiatives, reflect on what’s worked previously and don’t let people forget about it! Providing your customers/audience with this continued insight will keep your brand fresh in their minds and provide some incentive to continue following along in your brand’s journey.

Continue the Conversation:

Speaking more to the previous point, you can take this approach one step further by literally engaging with users and garnering feedback. Opening up the lines of communication will let them know they’re being heard and valued. 

Cultivate community: 

In turn you’ll have started fostering a real sense of community. Though it may start out small, having a core and engaged base will establish long-term loyalty and invaluable feedback as to what’s working and what’s not.

Don’t Fix What’s Not Broken: 

Think about what’s worked and what hasn’t. Then find a way to achieve balance between original ideas and what fits into your market. Infuse your brand’s UNIQUE values into a content strategy that's relevant to your core audience but can also resonate with the larger demographic.

Consider “slow” growth:

In a rapidly moving landscape it’s hard to wrap our heads around anything that isn’t immediate. But the fact remains: This return to values is creating a desire for quality vs. quantity - one that may not show immediate results but will surely position your brand as consistent, thoughtful, relevant and perhaps most importantly, timeless. 

Personally I’ve learned to not stress over the amount of content that’s being published but rather what value it can provide for our readers and partners. We’ve got enough distractions as it is and wasting time on unnecessary filler content is counterproductive. It comes down to establishing mutual trust and excitement between a brand and their audience, because if we can do that we know that no matter what, they'll be right there waiting.

- Rachel Schwartzmann