4 Reasons Why You Need A Big Picture Approach to Storytelling

  Photo via The Style Line

Photo via The Style Line

In age of oversharing and socially-driven content it’s becoming increasingly difficult for both emerging and established brands to keep up with the unsustainable demand for content that #winstheinternet.

As marketers fight for their brands to remain present in their customer’s feeds for the sake of shock-value and in hopes of sparking viral content, messaging is becoming more and more diluted. Enter the need for editorial content, and the many publishers and brands that are struggling to find a place for big picture thinking in their strategy. Whether the focus is on seasonal initiatives or getting to the core of your brand ideals, it’s a powerful approach to content that allows for a deeper look into what you’re trying to say and sell. The below points can help you streamline your approach to storytelling that will allow for longevity and establish loyalty, no matter what’s currently trending:

Identify Your Values

From the myriad of viral hashtags to thought-pieces that assess the current state of the digital landscape, take a step back and really think about why you’re publishing what you’re publishing. Does it relate to your mission? Can it be built upon as more trends come into play? How far does it stray from who you are as a brand? Sometimes the most obvious points are worth readdressing with each post.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

For most businesses, the end goal with content is to build brand awareness and in turn, have that translate into sales and/or awareness. Having a strong Instagram presence is a great starting point, but it’s not the place that gives your brand’s full experience. So, it’s worth creating a strong built-in brand blog or editorial channel that will help provide some lifestyle context for users. Technically speaking, it will also provide another portal for people to land on your website with even more incentive to keep clicking. 

Editorial Educates

There is so much opportunity with creating strong editorial content that speaks to your long-term/overarching brand values: use what's created to inspire a refreshed/more tailored version for your social media/short form content strategy. Taking the time to establish these patterns will save you the effort and the money that might have otherwise gone to outsourcing research.

The Bigger The Following, The Bigger The Picture

As your overall brand presence grows in sales and on social, it will allow for a more effective conversation with your community. While you can’t please everyone, this will be indicative of how to find a happy middle ground that caters to what your customers want without losing sight of who you are.

No matter what side of the screen you find yourself on, it’s important to take note of the major shift in a return to values and authenticity that is challenging social (media) habits… you can indeed have an engaged community without compromising your brand identity!

- Rachel Schwartzmann