With OUR LOVE FOR digital storytelling, we've found THAT there is great value in bringing these experiences into physical settings too. For us, keeping it simple and allowing people to connect in a truly human way is key. Discover our most recent connected experience created for aday.


The PLANT bae launch experience

november 2018

In October 2018, sustainable apparel brand ADAY reached out to us with the fantastic opportunity to produce and curate the launch experience for their newest collection, Plant Bae. Each top in this innovative collection includes plant-based fabric with a very special ingredient: seaweed. With that in mind, we worked with the team at a high-level to craft a multi-sensory dinner party and experience around this exciting product narrative that engaged attendees to experience seaweed using all of their senses. To build on ADAY’s seaweed tasting salon partnership with Chef Matthew Sherman, we rounded-out the event to include an art installation (created in collaboration with CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL collaborator John McLaughlin) and a live dance performance featuring two professional dancers sporting pieces from the collection. Additionally, we connected ADAY with those in our network and secured leading event partners — including The Sill, Ilegal Mezcal, and Hudson Wilder — to help bring the space to life in an immersive and on-brand way. We also conceptualized compelling and informative recap social content that included our partners (and mirrored the themes explored during the event) for those in the greater ADAY community to try at home.